News in a Blog. Kids Newspaper?

Here is some video I shot yesterday on the way home. It's of the flooding on Schenck's Island in the center of Wilton. I was uploaded with the Blogger video upload button.

The point here I think is, what better way to get students involved in their community than publishing their own online news site? A lot of them have photo/video capability on their cell phones already. They could comment on event that are taking place in and around thier town. Teach them to be involved at an early age.

The video about was shot with a Flip Video camera and was uploaded to Blogger less than 10 minutes after I got to the computer at home.

Anyone can do this, anyone.


  1. Nice to have the iPhone handy sometimes, isn't it?

  2. YEs and since I added to the post after you commented it is only fair that people understand that when you posted the comment, I had not yet mentioned how the video was shot.

  3. Its a little scary to think of all those aspiring correspondents with their flip phones shooting videos not yet ready for prime time. What about privacy issues?

  4. Well if you are worried that an aspriring correspondents would put something innapropriate on the internet, those that are predisposed for that probably already are.

    It would be a great way, seriously, for those of us who are tasked with education to teach what is appropriate and not.


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