Thing 11: Connecting

What do you like / dislike about leaving comments? How did you feel when you received your first comment? Why do you think commenting is so important in online communities? What might this mean for students who share their writing online?

I think that leaving comments is a good thing if you have something nice to say or something that moves the dialog forward. As stated in some of the articles read for this assignment those who are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or ego should probably keep quiet.

Now I understand that in this class we are supposed to just be "trying" this stuff out but look at my first comment, on this blog anyway,  below. It was from a colleague whose anonymity I will honor. The colleague provided the perfect example of an appropriate comment. Short, sweet and to the point.

Community is defined not by proximity anymore but by dialog. Community with out dialog is either just a collection of people or static information. Dialog is a must.

As for students...I am torn. I guess as long as they have thick skin it's ok. They just need to know that by putting themselves out there they are opening themselves up to comments from people other than fans (although they should, as all blogs should, use some kind of authentication and moderation system.