Thing 12: Blog Widgets

Review the widget you selected. Are you getting comfortable with embedding code? Do you belong to other online communities? Are relationships formed online as meaningful as face-to-face relationships? Why do you think MySpace and other social networking sites are so popular with kids today?

Ok, there is my Voki. As you can see he's a cute little thing. I belong to both MySpace and Facebook, although I must confess I use Facebook all the time. Social networking has always been social networking. The internet is just a new medium.

My other widgets are the RSS feeds you see down the left column. They are the blogs of my co-workers in the course as well as two of mine. Very easy to add.

Cell phone texting and internet social networks have replaced the phone which is ok by me. Just as phones replaced letter writing. As far as the "worth" of online relationships vs face to face....I don't know. If you are a believer that some sort of connection between two people is all that is needed to qualify as a relationship, then sure. With video and picture sharing the only part missing from a good ol' fashioned relationship is the face-to-face and physical part. The part we always tell our kids should be the last part of the equation.

So the answer is yes, definitely....maybe...I think.