Thing 14: Delicious

Copy the url of your Delicious webpage in this blog post so that others can view the bookmarks that you have chosen to share. Then reflect on how you think social bookmarking can be used in your teaching. Does Delicious seem to be a tool that can enhance your productivity?

I think that at the k-2 level that social bookmarking would be primarily for co-workers. Like, "here's a cool math site" etc. One could expand that to resources for parents possibly. I honestly can't see social bookmarking working between parents and teachers as much as between colleagues.


  1. Wow! You are really far into this project. I just started and I am on Thing 3. I had to post to a blog. I decided to post to yours since I know you and felt a little funny just posting to some random person. I enjoyed checking out your blog. It sure is fancy. I guess I know who I can hopefully go to with questions.


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