Thing 15: RSS Revisited

Is RSS becoming easier to understand? Do you recognize new benefits of using this tool? Do you remember to check your feeds regularly? Has it become a habit (or obsession!) yet?

The RSS conversations and all of this time spent logged in to Google reminded me to check an old iGoogle account.

I would suggest that people play with that as well. iGoogle becomes your homepage with tabs for different subjects. Within those subject pages you can add feeds from blogs, newspapers, magazines etc. You can also add your Delicious RSS feeds. All in one place. I spent some time cleaning and adding and organizing a bit and it's all looking great.

My issue seems to be not having enough time to read all of this wonderful info that I've gathered.

With the reminder and some restructuring I now have all of my feeds on one site and all of my co-wilton23things folks are in one tab.

Thanks Mr. Hepfer!