Thing 16: Google Docs

How might you use this tool in your personal and professional life? What issues come to mind about using this tool with students (ie, they need email addresses to log-in)? How can schools use this to boost productivity?

Holy Cow! Thanks for the intro to this little bit of asp yummy goodness. I see, and have already talked about, applications in my building. There can be collaboration between reading aides on lesson plans. We currently have lesson plans in big unwieldy binders or on the server. I can see possibly having all reading aides attached (given permissions) on all reading plans for their grade levels. They could create or modify plans based on what is working in their groups.
In the case of the student. I was struck by the teacher in the video who said that by using Google Docs they could see individual students effort on a group project. At the high School level I could see where that would have a lot value.
As the father of a 9th grader in the Wilton School System I am aware that there are times when some students spend more time getting a project done than others, picking up the slack as it where, to get a good grade when others in the group don't seem to care as much. For a teacher to be able to see the different levels of effort would, I think, enable a powerful learning opportunity on team-based work.
This is very, very cool.