Thing 17: More Online Productivity Tools

Give a review of the tool you explored - what worked, what didn't work, how might it be used in your personal or professional life? What are the benefits or advantages of your tool? What are the dangers of your tool? What are the limitations?

I was looking at all of the tools but to be honest, I didn't spend a lot of time on the ones you have to download (I have enough cra....stuff on my computer already).

I did look at the online whiteboards.Dabbleboard is online and while I can immediately see the value in Google Docs...most of these...not as much.

I thought that "Remember the Milk" sounded cool, shared tasks and all but in practice it is hard to use and you seem to be able to only send one item like, "Get Milk". I'd love to send the whole shopping list. I am sure that there are applications for all of these in business. I can't see a lot of use k-2.

Here is a whiteboard for you to play with anyway.