Thing 19: Podcasts

Which podcasts did you find interesting? Identify one or two podcasts and describe how you would use them in your work. (Be sure to include links in your blog entry to the podcasts mentioned.)

This is one of the parts of this course which I have been using in my personal and hobby/professional life for a couple of years now. Most of them I use for my EmbraceModern blog. Those include:
The Cooper-Hewitt Museum:
Dwell Magazine:
TED Talks:

As far as podcasts, I went looking for podcasts that I thought I might be able to use in supporting the students I work with either directly or with some of their parents.

The first one I found was an ESL podcast from Canada. It is available through links on their blog, The blog has the text available so that the student or parent can follow along with the podcast.

I also found an interesting video podcast on Smartboard use:

There are hundreds more.


  1. I have been following TED talks both on iTunes and on YouTube. Great stuff.


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