Thing 20 - Finding and Subscribing to Podcasts

Include in your post the name of at least one podcast to which you subscribed. Describe your experience using the various search tools. Which do you prefer and why?

I, as stated below in Thing 19, I have been subscribing to podcasts for the past three years. First on my computer and then, when I finally got one, on my iPod.

Until working on Thing 19 however, I never knew they existed outside of the Apple Universe (Thanks Matt).

While I still prefer seaching on iTunes because of it being an Apple interface, I am exploring more on the non-Apple search engines. I really like iTunesU which are poscasts from universities like Yale, Harvard and others. Those I found and have used are:

Stand by...Mr. Skip is off to Walmart later to get a microphone for podcast for extra credit (in a class that I don't get credit for but am loving anyway).