Thing 21: Exploring the Wild World of WIKI

Describe a wiki you found that inspires you to create one of your own. What hurdles might stand in the way of your using a wiki? What would it take to remove the hurdles? Is it worth the fight?

The wiki that I found, although I have to admit I was searching for another which I had already seen and had thought would be a good example, was

This is a classroom wiki for grades 2-3 by their teacher Megan Greer. It has book reviews recorded by the students, Field trip pictures etc. It's a nice use of the technology and she has a couple people helping her maintain it. I could see the media center doing something like this where the kids from grades 1-2 could wirte book reviews and have them posted.

I could also see this at Cider Mill in 5th grade as the place to share the whole Oregon Trail experience. Kind of a virtual diary of lost supplies and bear attacks.

I, again thanks to Matt and this course, have moved beyond my belief that "Wiki" meant "reader created online encyclopedia of questionable merit" to yet another platform or tool to use to engage students in learning. Hey, what ever works right?

As far as the fight? Isn't this all worth the fight? Years ago we taught kids how to survive nuclear attack by hiding under their desks. Later on we taught them how to be safe on the bus and how to be wary of "Stranger Danger". Don't we, as educators have the responsibility to teach them how to use these new tools in a responsible and safe manner? I believe we do.