Thing 22: Wiki Tiki Tavi

In your blog post be sure to include the link to your wiki. Then discuss your feelings about using a wiki. How does a wiki differ from a blog? When is one more appropriate to use than the other?

While I have edited wikis before, primarily Wikipedia and Archiplanet, I have never started one myself.
What usually happens is that I, as someone who is interested in modern architecture and who has had meaningful conversations with Dion Neutra (son of Richard Neutra) and Fred Noyes (son of Eliot Noyes who designed the original Wilton Library), would find huge chunks of architect's works missing in their Wikipedia and Archiplanet entries and so add the missing projects to the best of my ability and that of the reference material sitting on my desk.

This promoted my feeling of Wikis as shoddy online free encyclopedias into a hardfast belief. Now come Matt and his course which shows me that no, they are so much more than that. They are a type of platform which allows collaborative communities

This got me thinking (which you know can lead anywhere). Why not do one for reading aides where we can share our thoughts and lesson plans on a book by book level? So first I created.  Then I looked at Google Sites and it was easier to navigate and to understand so I created this, which is the one I think I'll use.

There's no data or members yet in either one so don't get your hopes up.