Thing 6: Flickr

Create a post on your blog about one of the photos you downloaded. Why did you choose a particular photo? What is it about the photo that you found interesting? Be sure to include the image in your post. Use Blogger's photo upload feature to do this. How might you use Flickr in your role in Wilton?

 This picture by Flickr user Melody Kramer is of one of the most interesting bits on Philip Johnson's (The Glass House) estate in New Canaan. This is his "Ghost House". A structure of steel and chain-link fence that was built as an ode to his friend Frank Gehry of Guggenheim Bilbao, Disney Concert Hall and IAC New York fame. I love this photo because few people who tour the site know what it is or find it interesting. Frank and Philip were good friends and I think that it is interesting that Gehry is the only other architect so honored on Johnson's estate.

I think that, as far as using Flickr in the classroom, you have opportunity to teach responsibility towards copyright, seeking and getting permission to use etc. I have sought permission of copyright protected images before and found most users to be open to it as long as they receive credit.

You can also get images for things you discuss in class.  


  1. Love the Glass House photo! It is interesting to see chain link fence and grassy material used in this way.


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