Thing 7: More Flickr

Think of ways you may be able to use Flickr in the classroom or in your work and share your ideas. What issues might you face?

Here's one of my photos. It's been "played with" a little in Picnic, an online photo editing suite that has now partnered with Flickr to provide services to Flickr users.

I think that using Flickr to post and edit pictures of field trips and activities would be amazing. Could you imagine a 1st grader editing a picture he/she took with the class digital camera on Flickr using their hands on the Smartboard. Whoa!

We would need to address child privacy issues but that needs to be addressed in any case if we are to use Web 2.0 in the classroom. There are some pretty heavy issues involved in protecting children's identities, parental permission etc if we are going to use this for anything other than a replacement for emailed class news.