Thing 8: Mashups

Big M CSC_0019_2 . letter S K Caslon metal type letter i P S number 2 3 letter T H I letter N G letter S letter B letter L O letter G

The above was created using Spell with Flickr. It's kinda fun.

Tried the Montager too. Best results from fairly simple geometric shapes.  Like "pear" which was fantastic. "Face" and "Dog" didn't work as well.

Flickr Memry is cool too. I would be careful using it in the classroom though because you don't know who has tagged what photo with, for instance, "Caribbean". It could be pirates and dolphins in the ocean (cool) but it could also nude sunbathers and bikini-clad women which is slight;y less appropriate for the classroom.

The above was created, thanks to my father-in-law who as you can see is a hoot, using Big Huge Labs Motivator. Very cool.

Not as crazy about imagegenerator,com. The whole site seems very hard to use and creepy in a "I don't want these people to have my pictures" kind of way but that might be just me.

Here, below, is a puzzle made from a picture I took in New Haven of the Armstrong Tire and Rubber Building by Marcel Breuer.

The possibilities are endless.