Thing 8: Revisited

There have been issues with embedding things in our blogs here at M/D. This is causing some to become depressed, sullen know.

When doing anything in this course I would only try to embed things that provide you with the embed code to copy/paste.

Now I'll tell you why...or attempt it anyway.

Web pages are composed of three things.
  1. Structure: Where everything is supposed to be on the page.
  2. Style: Colors and fonts basically.
  3. Content: The text, pictures, animations etc.
If the site on which you are mashing things up provides you with the code needed to embed your creation then the creators have taken in to account all the items needed to make your creation work on a site other than theirs, like your blog. If they don't, then you might be missing something that is not included in the file that you are trying to embed.

I thought that this explanation might be necessary after working with someone in M/D who was having trouble embedding a mashup created in one of the Flickr apps. I know HTML pretty well and so knew where to grab the embed code for her mashup. I showed her how to copy/paste and yet it did not work.

The issue was that there was information, code, needed for the mashup to run that was not included in the file. It style information, a style sheet, and with out the data in that file, the mashup would not run.

I myself played with Flickr the mashups I used were ones that the code was all there, not something I had to go looking for.

Hope this does not confuse you.