It's a Twelve Year Old Thing

I recently found this on TED. It's a talk by 12 year old Adora Svitek, a prodigy who has been reading since three and writing since five. Why, because her parents took an interest in her education and learning.

This video is amazing to me because it points out the missing portion of all these scary educational reform bills swirling around congress. That is the parental side. Out of a world where congress would give parents the ability to fire teachers and administrators and yet allows parents to send five year olds to kindergarten not knowing colors, numbers, basic shapes or which end of the scissors to pick up comes this twelve year old articulate voice.

I have been told that reading at three and knowing all the items listed above before kindergarten is wrong developmentally and that kindergarten is the new 1st grade. That may be so but it is being driven from places above and beyond us.

As long as society tasks us with teaching to assessments there needs to be accountability on both sides.