Kindle in a Window

As you know I have played with my iPod in the classroom (Beyond Web: Schoolhouse Rock on the Smartboard) and other interesting tech learning tools.

Here is a new one.

I recently upgraded to a Windows Phone 7,  Samsung Focus to be precise, and downloaded a Kindle app for Amazon eBooks.  I then downloaded Gerald Hawksley's "If You Have a Hat" which is a children's picture book . I wanted to test it to see how it worked. I have five books of my own that I have considered eBooking.

Today was read the day away in our second grade classroom and after I had done the group and individual reading I needed to I pulled the phone out and went to the list of books. So far that is, "On the Origin of Species", Plato's "Republic" and "If You Have a Hat". I asked one of my 2nd graders if they wanted to read an eBook. He said he would and I pointed to the phone. He figured the tapping and sliding needed to open and navigate the book all by himself in about 30 seconds.

For those of you who have Kindles, iPads and the like, might be a way to entice your more reluctant readers to "play ball".

The Amazon Kindle app on Windows Phone 7.