[UPDATE: 2017.07.06. In going back through old posts and checking links I've found that GoAnimate now has a pretty steep entry level price tag, some $30 a month. You may be ok with that but it's too rich for my blood. My video is blocked because I don't subscribe to I've removed it.]

In preparation for the release of The 23 Things Wilton Teachers Should Know About Web 2.0: 2011 Edition we are looking for new things to include and/or replace others.  There are two of us laying out the course this time and we are using MindMeister to lay out the new and improved 23 Things. When I checked in with the project this afternoon I noticed the addition of GoAnimate along with Xtranormal.

I had never looked at GoAnimate. I have played with Xtranormal before as seen in previous posts. I find it interesting, a little kludgey, but overall a cool free app. GoAnimate is way cool. Both have decent interfaces but the rendering time on GoAnimate seems to be light-years faster than Xtranormal. Xtranormal however has a more professional look to the characters while GoAnimate looks like animated legless Bratz characters.

Either way, it's a wash I think and comes down to your preferences and comfort levels.