Compliance in Browsertown


As someone who has worked in internet technology sine the deep, dark days of 1995 I understand that different browsers see things different ways. Back then we had basically two, Netscape and Mosaic, pages were only supposed to be 35k or less and "broadband" was a pie-in-the-sky pipe-dream. Then, Microsoft woke up one day and said, "Whaa, internet?" and it all changed.

In the great Browser Wars of the late 1990's each company, Netscape and Microsoft, was trying to control what we'd see and how we'd see it (more accurately, how we'd write the code to make it happen). This lasted for awhile and things seemed to have settled down to an acceptable level.

Then I noticed that there are still sites that are not across the board compliant. More accurately, that have features not supported or displayed correctly in some browsers.

Right now you have a healthy number of browsers available for your internet surfing pleasure. I have seven installed on my machine. In order of preference;

  • RockMelt: A Chrome-based browser that's a Web 2.0 superstar
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari: Apple's browser
  • Opera
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Flock: a dead browser with no support but I just haven't uninstalled it yet.
I noticed that, during some testing on the school LCMS (Edline) that it seems to favor Explorer, that certain buttons and features only work in Explorer.

So the take away here is "for best results you probably want to use Explorer when working in Edline".

But that may be just me.