Mashable.com put up their favorite web April fools jokes today. One was stupid and one was brilliant. One was by Youtube and one by Google. Ok, so actually that means both are by Google since Google owns, well Google, and Youtube.

Youtube posted *yawn* "Youtube 1911". Cute but boring and not that creative.

Google posted, on their usually bleak, desolate and unadorned homepage, a notice that Google Motion had broken cover. Google Motion is to email what XBOX Kinect is to video games. You navigate, write and send email with more natural body motions. It is brilliant. There is the video announcement from the product manager which includes video of a gentleman demoing the moves with a live GMail feed behind him so that you can see what the movements translate into on the screen.

Here is the homepage.

Go go http://gmail.com/motion to see the real stuff.
The second little Google tidbit is this;
If you enter "helvetica" in the search bar and click Google Search button, all of your results will be rendered in helvetica. So go play. While you're at it, try comic sans too.

Google also put up an interview with one of their Autocompleters.