Google Docs (Thing 16) Revisited and the Right Way

I have to admit, I have tried Google Docs before and although I know what the promise is, real-time collaboration/available anywhere etc, I have been unable to fulfill that promise with the groups of people that I have tried it with.

Until now.

This summer's first gig is Summerstage Jr. for Wilton Children's Theater and once I found an app for my Windows Phone that allowed Google Docs on the phone, I vowed to go paperless. My producer and staff of six has been incredibly cooperative. As we leave each afternoon, we talk about logging in that evening and collaborating on schedules and cast lists. Everyone knows that non-participation is equal to acceptance and that they don't have to comment on everything.

On one evening while working on the cast list, I noticed that my choreographer was online and so instant messaged her. She responded and then logged in to Google Docs and we went down the cast list together.

What does all this online collab net besides less paper and more time infront of the computer? In this morning's case it removed the need for an early morning meeting and THAT was just fine with everyone involved.