Hello World

To anyone who has learned programming, Hello World is a familiar phrase. It is, or used to be anyway, the first thing that you created when coding. You would type in 30 or so lines of html code and then, when you previewed the page you had created in a web browser, you would see Hello World.

Now, thanks to Google Plus, Hello World has a whole new meaning. It means literally, Hello World.

I have been a member of Google Plus, Google's Facebook, since July 13th and am enjoying the experience. Without turning this into a full review of Google Plus, we'll discuss it's possibilities for education later, I wanted to share something about my experience so far.

One of the coolest parts of Google Plus is Hangouts. They are live group chat. You can join a Hangout and chat live via video with anyone else in the hangout. Mark Olsen started a Hangout that has been going since Google Plus launched.

I have been in the hangout three times. first was a day or so after I joined Plus and then last night and this morning. Last night I was chatting with people from Australia, California and the midwest. This morning it was US, UK, Sweden and Croatia.

What an amazing social tool and, for those who dismiss social media as a worthless diversion, a reason to re access the movement.