My Current Social Media Workflow

I have finally taken the time to organize and link all of the tools I have been using for the gathering, curating and displaying of information from and to social media.

I created this Google Drawing to illustrate the process as it stands now.

I think that it's pretty self explanatory and there has been a lot of work done on my part to hone the incoming filters and who I follow to get the best #edtech information but this is pretty much it. 

I do look at data before it's published, usually in the morning over coffee. I fill the Buffer cue with stuff taken from the Collectors and set it to post during the day. Some items I may choose to post right away but I try to keep the cue filled. 

Klout has been really cool in helping me ID news items that have not been shared a lot or that have high interest in my small audience. I don't use Klout to process for the most part though. I open the story and then add it to my buffer cue. I just added Alltop and have become reacquainted with Feedly. Both are tunable inward flowing data pipelines.

One plug-in that is not listed in the chart but that has become invaluable is the TLDR plug in for Google Chrome. It provides instant synopses of the article currently in the browser window and has become a great addition to my social media tool box.

What do you use? Am I missing something amazing? Let me know.