Two Cool Extensions for Google Chrome for Teachers

Here are two cool extensions for teachers who are using Google Apps For Education (GAFE). Both are Chrome Extensions.

The first, and you need to be using Google Classroom for it to work, is "Share to Classroom" which does exactly what it sounds like it does, it shares web content to your Google Classroom.

The extension sits in the tray with the rest of your extensions, like Buffer and Screen Castify, and allows you post web pages as announcements or assignments to any class you have in Classroom. It's very cool.

The second is Save to Drive. That also exactly what it does. It allows you to save web pages directly to your Google Drive in a folder that you specify. That being said you need to already have created the destination folder in your Drive.

You can choose the folder by clicking the (change) link in the popup and you have options as to how you want to cave it; as an image, a web archive, as html etc. It's a great tool to use to build your reading list.